Friday, June 12, 2009

Relax, forget, forgive...

My first post is going to be an explanation of my plan ... i mean not really a plan but a challenge . I've decided to challenge myself to eat healthy and work out to have more energy.

Now this part is really important , im not overweight so my diet is not based on weight loss, is based on eating what is good for my body, remember, it is a change of habit so it is not easy .

I'm going to be honest , it is not the first time i try it, every time i've tried it didn't work because i lost my motivation, and that's why i'm here . I need you guys to help me as well as i'll help anybody who wants to do the same , we can do it together and compare results !

So first thing to do is to relax , forget and forgive everything we did until now and start a new blank page. Who is up for a change?

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