Saturday, January 1, 2011


A great example of motivation is when a beautiful bride has to get into that wedding dress for the wedding day. Nothing will stop her. She works out, she eats very little, and she is fiercely determined. The problem is, the day after the wedding, (sometimes right after the wedding) they lose the motivation. What happened? Why can't we get motivated and stay motivated? Here are some tips:


From the time you wake up in the morning until the time you go to bed, something is driving you. It would be a great idea to sit down one day and ask yourself some honest questions. "Why do I want money?" "Why do I want that hot body?" and "Why do I want this relationship to last?" You cannot understand motivation until you first understand your motives. Be honest!


The motivation of a college student might be to have rockin hot body during spring break. The motivation of a millionaire might be to obtain power and influence. Motivation to date a beautiful person might be to make yourself look better. Ego, pride, and greed are all wrong motivations. Healthy motives might include:
• earning more money to provide for your family and give to others
• looking your best for better self-esteem, and to live a healthy lifestyle
• relationship motivation should be to have healthy companionship, someone to share your life with, or someone you can trust.


I have seen people that will volunteer for hours in the rain if the cause is right. I have seen men wear pink shirts to support cancer victims. I have also seen people cut off all of their hair to empathize with a friend or loved one that lost their hair to chemo-therapy. Pastors for example will sacrifice time, energy, and freedom, to serve God's people. Find a cause higher than yourself to maintain your motivation.


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