Saturday, January 1, 2011

Achieve Your New Year's Resolutions

This year, I will loose weight. This year, I will be more active. This year, I will quit smoking.

Do any of these New Year's resolutions sound familiar? More than likely, many of us have created New Year's resolutions. But how many of us have acutally STUCK to our resolutions? Year after year, it is the same old thing...resolutions are made, and then quickly broken. Sure, anyone can make a New Year's resolution, but the hard part is actually sticking to those resolutions. There are many different ways to stick to those resolutions for the New Year. Some of the helpful ways of keeping your resolutons are to : write your resolutions down, tell a friend your resolutions, look for help with the resolution, remind
yourself, keep positive thoughts, don't set your standards too high, plan everything out, create realistic goals, achieve those goals slowly, and to keep yourself flexible with the resolution.

Write down why you want a particular resolution. Do you want to loose weight so you can fit into a good looking swimsuit come the summertime? If so, keep a journal of your daily progress towards achieveing that goal. A journal of your progress towards your goal is a great way to keep on track.

Keep yourself positive! It is easy to gain negative thoughts, especially if you do not see immediate results. Give your resolution time. Great things were not achieved in one day. If you get off track, do not beat yourself up. Instead, make sure that you get back on track, and keep moving forward!

Do not set your standards too high.Making it to the finish line is so much easier when it is served in smaller portions, rather than one large one.

The goals that you create must be realistic. Creat goals that you know that you can achieve. If you know that you can not work out five days a week, then don't! Working out three days a week is better than nothing at all! Breaking your goals down into small pieces and figuring out what it takes to achieve each small step is the best way to set a realistic goal.

Another aspect of creating an achieveable New Year's resolution is to plan your goals out. Write down how you want to achieve your goals, and stick to it! If you are trying to quit biting your nails, get a nice manicure. With money well spent on keeping your nails nice, you will not want to ruin them.

Keep yourself encouraged, remain positive, and stay on track.
Your New Year's resolutions CAN be achieved !


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