Saturday, January 1, 2011

1 Week Challenge

OK the goal was a 30 day challenge but i think i will set my self to failure if i do that, so i decided to go with the 1 week first.

In one week i will have 2 goals.

Wake up early ( I go to bed around 2am because i work late so i figure to wake up @ 10am would be ok... i usually wake up very tired, not motivated and around noon . I'll follow the tips from the post wake up routine)

Exercise at least 30 minutes a days ( i tend to wake up and watch tv on the couch so if for 30 minutes a day during this week i work out it will be a biiiiggg accomplishment)

A couple of guidelines for those who want to follow me:

Choose an easy goal. Don’t decide to do something really hard, at least for now.

Choose something measurable. You should be able to say, definitely, whether you were successful or not today. If you choose exercise, set a number of minutes or something similar (30 minutes of exercise daily, for example, like i did.)

Be consistent. You want to do your habit change at the same time every day, if possible. This makes it more likely to become a habit.

Report regularly. I will come here every day to do my daily report, or at least every 2 days.
So challenge yourself this week!


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