Monday, January 3, 2011

First day of my week

I decided to start my week challenge this monday and here I am for my first report ...
This morning I wasn't able to wake up @ 10am like i wanted to , i set my alarm to 9am and 9:30am but still i slept until 11:20am. Ok i didn't leave my blinds half open, last night i didn't have time to reduce my number of choices this morning, i didn't set my coffee maker to brew at 9:50 so that i would wake up with the great smell of coffee. Wow i actually missed some really important steps but here is the good news, i did work out for 30 minutes and i did the whole morning routine. So i guess it wasn't a total waste after all, tomorrow i'll try not to skip the steps i skipped last night.

Also this experience made me practice something very important, positive thinking and not being so hard on myself , changing our self-image is not an easy task but it can be done. It requires practice and patience. I usually criticise myself a lot, today since i didn't wake up in time i would think i failed completely and that i'll never be able to change my habits, but by thinking positively i could see that i did achieve some goals and that i can try again tomorrow. Its a process that won't happen overnight .


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