Wednesday, January 5, 2011

So far so good

Great news! In the past 2 days i have been able to wake up at 10:20am and i have been doing my 30 min work out!!!! My secret is , the alarm clock is set for 3 different times: 9am, 9:30am and 10am, that way when i hear it at 9 i already know its almost time to wake up and for some reason at 10 i am not sooo sleepy and tired. Another really important thing is the morning routine, i realize that it makes it easier when you wake up and you know what to do rather than just wake up and sit in the sofa waiting for your brain to respond. I noticed that listening to music while eating breakfast and brushing my teeth it makes my morning more pleasant. Another thing i have been setting everything the night before, when i don't i get lazy in the morning and again i waste time thinking about it. The work out is going fine , I'm sure that if i have set my goal for an hour i would have failed it, 30 min is a perfect start. I also have a big motivation with the blog, believe it or not i caught myself thinking about doing the right thing just so i could post it here hehehe. Lesson of the day : It is all about the choices we make.


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