Thursday, January 13, 2011

There is sunshine after the rain.

So, my one week challenge ended January 9th... since the last post i haven't been able to wake early exercise or anything. On the third day of the challenge i overworked out and the next day i was in pain and very upset because of that so i couldn't follow through with my morning routine or anything. I have been waking up really late and the days have been going from bad to worse because of my gastritis.

Yesterday i finally started to feel better, after having a acai smoothie that set perfectly in my sick stomach everything started to change. I have been felling better and motivated and yesterday i exercised again, and hopefully i will tomorrow too.

From what i see, my mistake here was overdoing things and wanting to change all at once too fast. So from now on i will not set a goal, my challenge will be small daily changes. I'll try waking up 10 min earlier every 2 or 3 days , and i think exercising will be easier now because i registered for my first 5k run and my boyfriend is doing it with me so we are training together. We got a iPhone app that works like a running coach its great and we only do it every other day so i don't have to push myself so much.


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