Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lost my fuel on the way

I ran for a whole month every other day and i was feeling fine but apparently running was a bit too much for me. On my 5th week of training i felt really weak and had to stop running ... i guess i wasn't eating properly or something i have been out of energy always .

I went to the marathon on the 27th but i didn't run , i walked... i tried to run but i felt weak and my heart was racing so i preferred to just walk. This past month has been pretty crazy , i got sick with the flu for a week then one day at work i overworked my right shoulder and my neck, got home with a horrible headache and ended up in the hospital, did some exams but everything was OK. Since then I've been having neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain .... upper body pains in general i think i fuc%#$ up my shoulder because its been quite some time and it still didn't heal. So guess what, no waking up early no work out at all I've been feeling like shit ... but hopefully march will be better yay!!!!